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A Beautiful Journey (a close look into Hospice Nursing)

Posted on January 3, 2018

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We interviewed our Hospice Clinical Manager, Tammy Westfall, to chat about Hospice Nursing. Tammy has been with Covenant Health for 34 years and is a great leader with Covenant HomeCare and Hospice.

We asked what the Pledge of Excellence means to her and she replied, “I always want the best possible care for my hospice patients. Anything to make things easier for them is what our team wishes to provide!”

Check out the rest of our inspiring interview with Tammy below.

Why do you love Hospice Nursing?
I have not been in another area of nursing where the patients and families appreciate you so much. They are always so appreciative of even the tiniest things you can do for them. Teaching them how to care for their loved one through the most difficult time of their lives is what they need. Something as simple as how to turn and pull their loved one up in bed may mean the world to them. They just need education and support. You will laugh or even cry with them but at the end of the day, you go home knowing you really made a difference in their lives. To me it gets back to the basics of what nursing is all about.

What keeps you in Hospice Nursing?
Helping make a difference with the patients and families. Help them get that bucket list checked off or just keeping them comfortable in those final hours.

What memories stick out the most to you over the course of your career?
That would be hard to say. They are all special. Helping them through the journey and them being able to tell mama or dad, “It is okay to go”. Then them passing peacefully with symptoms controlled and no pain or fear. Just love. You know you prepared them for it and they all grew with your knowledge and kindness.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to pursue Hospice Nursing?
Don’t be afraid of hospice. It is about helping the patient live the most comfortable way possible for as long as they can. You will work with an excellent interdisciplinary team that are all working for the common goals of the patient and family. We have supportive Medical Directors, Social Workers, Chaplains, and CNA’s that all serve an equal part in helping it all come together.


It can be sad but most of all, it is beautiful to go on this journey with them and help them through it together. They will never forget what a difference you made in their lives.


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