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Nurse Residency: Documentation and Depositions

Posted on January 10, 2018

Covenant Health’s Nurse Residency Program supports newly graduated registered nurses (RNs) to help them successfully transition from educational settings to a fast-paced hospital environment. The 12-month structured program uses classroom learning seminars, case studies, small group discussion, precepted clinical practice and evidence-based practice projects.

Pictured from left to right: Chad Clabough (SVP Business Development & Managed Care, Rachel Hurt, Counsel for Covenant Health and Sara Meadows, Nurse Residency Coordinator)


Our most recent seminar featured Chad Clabough, SVP Business Development and Managed Care, and Rachel Hurt, Counsel for Covenant Health. Chad and Rachel shared great information with our students about documentation.


They spoke on the opportunities for communication improvement and why it is important. Also, they coached on ways for nurses to improve clinical judgement and they reviewed documentation policies for thorough understanding.







Chad and Rachel conducting a mock deposition for Nurse Residency students.

Then, Chad and Rachel conducted 2 “mock” depositions – one where the nurse was fully prepared for the questions asked, and one where the nurse was ill-prepared. It helped our students gain a deeper understanding of why documentation is important and allowed them the opportunity to ask questions about the process.

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