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Covenant Health Nurse Residency Program

Learn more about starting your nursing career with Covenant Health!

What is the Nurse Residency Program?

The Nurse Residency Program (NRP) at Covenant Health is a program established to support new graduate nurses (RNs) through their first year of nursing. Geared towards nurses with less than one year of acute care experience, NRP is a year-long program where we meet as a group once a month for 6 months.

Residency start dates: January, April, July and October.
Your start date is determined by your graduation date and when you pass NCLEX. 

In the Nurse Residency Program, we focus on confidence building, clinical decision-making, critical thinking and leadership… just to name a few things! You will be supported by your NRP Coordinator, Chelsea Horn, facility educators, leadership teams and fellow program members. This program marries the knowledge you gained in school with what you will be experiencing in the acute care setting. 

  • Application Process

    At Covenant Health, there is no additional application for the Nurse Residency Program. We want all of our newly graduated nurses to benefit from this learning opportunity.

  • Facilities & Units

    Covenant Health consists of 10 hospitals, each with their own units and structure. It can be confusing to know what you want to apply for as a new nurse, so we break it down for you.

  • What You Can Expect

    Wondering what you’ll learn in the Nurse Residency Program? Our structured program uses classroom seminars, case studies, group discussion, and precepted clinical practice to help you exceed.

“I often get asked about our residency class by other RNs. They want to know if it’s beneficial and what exactly do we learn in each class. I don’t know how others feel, but I’m glad that I have been a part of this residency journey. Thank you for always listening and making sure we learn and have access to the RIGHT tools needed for new RNs in the hospital. You and the residency have helped my transition in a major way and I am so grateful.”
– Dee R.

Application Process

At Covenant Health, there is no additional application for the Nurse Residency Program! We automatically enroll every newly graduated RN we hire into our program because we’re committed to helping you successfully make the transition from an educational setting to a fast-paced hospital environment. All you need to do is apply online for job opening(s) that interest you!

The job title for a new graduate RN is Clinical Nurse I. However, you are welcome to apply to any Clinical Nurse position that is posted on our website

While we hire new grads into many of our units, availability is limited on each unit and popular units tend to go quickly! In order to secure a position and have a better chance at your first choice in units, plan on beginning the application process 6 months before your graduation.

Once you accept a position with us, we’ll schedule you into the appropriate cohort of the nurse residency program. It’s that simple!

Facilities and Units

Every newly graduated nurse within the Covenant Health system is assigned to a specific facility and unit. Covenant Health has eight acute-care hospitals that participate in the NRP:

Each of our facilities have different units and are known for different specialty areas of practice. For a listing of the units hiring nurses within Covenant Health facilities, click here

What You Can Expect

When you are placed into Covenant Health’s Nurse Residency Program, you will be part of a cohort. Within that cohort will be your specific residency group. Your group and meeting place is determined by the facility you are hired into. All efforts are made to have your residency meetings at your home facility. Depending on the cohort size, though, you may occasionally be grouped with other facilities. 

Once you’re assigned a cohort, you will attend nurse residency sessions monthly for the first year. These paid four-hour sessions are a part of your work schedule. 

Our program is structured to accommodate many different learning styles, using classroom learning seminars, case studies, small group discussions and precepted clinical practice. You’ll get hands-on practice with skills such as Code Strokes, Code Blue’s, Rapid Responses, equipment, IV placement and dressing changes. We use both real-life and hypothetical scenarios to teach about patient experience, communication and clinical decision-making. We also have expert guests come teach about legality and lawsuits, service animals and treatment of special populations. 

With our program, you’ll receive needed support from hospital leaders, peers and the Nurse Residency Program coordinator, Chelsea Horn. We emphasize competence and confidence in decision-making, satisfaction and professional commitment, leadership and critical thinking skills, relationship building, efficiency and safety on the floor, and quality of care. We want to help develop you into a strong, professional nurse.

Upon successful completion of our Nurse Residency Program and one year of full-time employment, you’ll automatically receive a promotion and a raise!

“Thanks for the residency program. I have had a blast at all I have attended and walk away recharged and have a little more faith each time. You always lift us up and keep us motivated.”
– Michelle B.

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