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Student Portal

Facility Access Update for Students and Instructors

Semester Dates
Spring Semester January 1 – May 31
Summer Semester June 1 – August 31
Fall Semester August 1 – December 31


As of January 1, 2018, Covenant Health will move to the “Total Clinical Placement System” or “TCPS”.  All schools who are partnered with TCPS should use that to schedule and complete instructor/student pieces. 

If your school is not partnered with TCPS, please follow the link below for the Covenant Health Student Portal process.

Students & Instructors

Non TCPS – Students and Instructors beginning a rotation at a Covenant site should click here and follow the instructions to request Student or Instructor Facility Access for the Semester.

Once individuals have completed this application process and have been determined to be in good standing, they will receive an email that includes orientation modules.

It is important that students seeking access to Covenant Health facilities begin the process at least 2 weeks prior to clinical rotation start date and complete this entire process at least seven business days before the rotation start date to ensure that we have enough time to process requests, and request any login access that may be needed.

Instructors who have students seeking access must first complete the process, 7-10 days before students begin the process.

Failure to meet these requirements will result in delays in Clinical Rotation start date(s). If you have questions, please contact Covenant Health as follows: 

Questions Instructors may have about the portal, in general, should be referred to Liz Colbert at (865) 374-8117.


Please make sure you give us a valid email address. All of our communications to you will be by email. It is critical that we have a working email address. We will send you an immediate acknowledgment when you complete the registration process. If you do not see this acknowledgment, make certain you check your spam blocker and add us to your email address list.